Village for Abandoned and Abused Children (La Villa)

Amistad Mission provides more than “housing” for the orphaned and abandoned children of Cochabamba, Bolivia. We provide a home and a bright future. Begun in 1989, La Villa is Amistad's campus where more than 70 children and youth—all abandoned, abused or orphaned—receive the support they need to rebuild their confidence and find joy again. At La Villa, our children have the opportunity to grow-up in a loving, Christian home and also receive the educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support they need to overcome their often traumatic past and become healthy children and young adults.

La Villa is comprised of 8 houses, each with its own dedicated, full-time “Mama” and “Tia” (aunt). These houses create a family unit that is stable and consistent throughout each child’s early years. The Amistad “mamas” are supported in their work by social workers, counselors, educators and doctors who work together as a team to address each child’s unique needs. In addition, from daily chapel to our Catecheses of the Good Shepherd program, our children learn the love of Christ.

Upon reaching the teenage years, the children move on to a girls house or boys house in the city, providing an age-appropriate environment where our educators work with the youth to begin to prepare them for independence. At the youth houses, a focus is placed on helping our young people manage their daily lives, learn responsibility and develop a plan for the future.

Following the youth house, our teens go on to college, vocational training, or directly into the workforce. Amistad provides financial and social support during this transition and each youth strives to serve their community in a meaningful way. Currently, 80% of Amistad's college-age women and men are attending University—an incredible number in a country where less than 10% of the general population has a professional degree.

From the time they enter the Villa, Amistad provides our children with the love and support they need to overcome the trauma of their past and become Christian leaders in their country!