Perhaps it is the awe-inspiring view of God’s creation from an 8000-foot valley in the Andes Mountains. Or perhaps it is the limitless hope revealed in the eyes of a child who was once alone but now knows the love of a family. For each person who visits Bolivia, the path may be a little different, but the final destination is usually the same—a deeper, more personal relationship with God.

Cristo de la ConcordiaYour room is waiting

Upon your arrival at the Cochabamba airport, you will be greeted by a local staff member and taken to Amistad’s retreat house, La Morada (the dwelling place). Here, visitors have opportunity to relax in a peaceful environment and enjoy one of eleven comfortable but simple single or double rooms. Many conveniences are at your disposal, including a small library, telephone, and a washing machine. Purified water is available and delicious meals are prepared with a special sensitivity to North American palates.

One of La Morada’s greatest appeals is its meditative atmosphere. Many groups begin and end their days with a spiritual reflection in the chapel that helps center the transformational experience revealed in Bolivia. Visitors witness the miracle of God’s love through the children of the Villa, who once had no hope and have now been given a second chance at life, and in the impoverished Quechua natives of Aramasí, who before had no access to medical care or clean water and now thrive in their communities. By sharing individual insights on the day’s events, groups grow in fellowship and discover more fully what it means to serve those in need.

Groups who include a trip to Aramasí, two hours outside of Cochabamba, are rewarded with the beautiful landscape of the Andes Mountains and a chance to experience life in rural Bolivia. Accommodations in Aramasí consist of four hermitages. Although spartan, these accommodations are comfortable, with electricity, a prayer corner, and access to flush toilets. Many visitors who travel to Aramasí often marvel at the peaceful environment, where one feels in touch with the Holy Spirit through the infinite stars in the night sky and the friendly Quechua greetings of the Aramasí people. Whether it be waking up early to watch the sun rise over the valley, visiting the elementary school to trade songs in English and Quechua, or perusing the elaborate and colorful weavings of the women’s coop, visits to Aramasí always leave a lasting impression.

You set the pace

One of the most rewarding aspects of a trip to Amistad Mission is the freedom to set your own schedule. Cochabamba offers a variety of cultural experiences, including the Cristo de la Concordia (the world’s tallest statue of Christ), a giant open-air market called La Cancha, and nutritional centers for malnourished children, to name a few. Some groups enjoy spending time with the children of the Villa doing work projects, others delight in taking them to the park or for ice cream, and still others enjoy playing sports with the adolescents and university students. We want the experience to be meaningful for you and will do our best to accommodate your personal preferences. But don’t worry, if you are not sure what may be the best itinerary for you or your group, we are happy to suggest activities that will give you a rich and memorable

If you are considering a visit to Amistad Mission, please contact Executive Director Chris King at to plan your trip. He will provide you with information on the many options available to you and will remain in close contact with our Bolivian hosts on your behalf. 

Download your visitor’s packet now!

Wondering how to get to Cochabamba, which travel documents you should carry, or what types of immunizations are needed? To obtain answers to these questions, please download a visitor’s packet. This comprehensive resource contains a wealth of information, including medical forms for visitors who are currently under a doctor’s care. If you are unable to download the PDF file, please contact us, and we will provide the information by e-mail, fax, or postal mail.

We invite you to plan a trip to Bolivia this year, and allow God to change your view of the world forever!